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What is Analyze?

Analyze is’s data analysis tool. With it, you can create compelling charts using development data curated by the very organizations driving today's development conversation.

To build a chart, simply select your countries and indicators of interest, choose which visualization meets your needs, then click "finish" and enjoy your product. Not satisfied with the years displayed or visualization used? No worries—edit on-the-go and shape the chart into the product you want.

  • Who Should Use Analyze?

    Analyze is for the on-the-go user who wants to quickly visualize development data. The tool is a one-stop shop for browsing hundreds of indicators and building several kinds of charts—all with the aim of communicating information to colleagues from across the development field. And as our data grows, so too will Analyze’s capabilities.

    Have more time on your hands? offers users a number of other features. Browse which U.S. agencies report U.S. foreign assistance to our website, and for which portfolios and financial quarters, using our Data Availability tool. Dive deeper into data from particular U.S. agencies or foreign assistance categories by clicking on Explore at the top of any page. Work with whole datasets, organized by country, U.S. agency, foreign assistance portfolio, or a special category, through the Download option. Fine tune your search using the Custom Data Query Tool, or pinpoint your interest by using our Search tool and scrolling through agency transactions.

  • What Can Analyze Display?

    Analyze offers users one of seven charts for visualizing data: Line, Bar, Stacked-Bar, Scatter, Bubble, Map, and Treemap. The type of charts available depends on the kind of data you’re working with and how much of it is available for the indicators and countries you’ve selected.

    Not sure which one is right for you? Here are some tips and tricks:

    Line - display trends over time

    Bar - compare items in a different way

    Stacked-Bar - show how the parts make up the whole

    Map - view the data on a map

    Treemap - use rectangles to show how the parts compare

    Scatter - compare two variables and reveal distributions

    Bubble - a Scatter where one variable dictates size



  • Where Does Analyze Source From?

    Analyze lets users select from nearly 300 indicators spanning seven sectors and drawn from several organizations, including, among others, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations Development Programme, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, and Freedom House. Analyze also sources indicators from the Office of Foreign Assistance's Performance Plan and Report (PPR).

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