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Foreign Assistance in Egypt

The United States and Egypt affirmed the importance of a strong bilateral relationship during the U.S.-Egypt Strategic Dialogue held in August 2015. U.S. assistance to Egypt reinforces this cooperation in a manner consistent with U.S. regional strategic interests, which include helping Egypt defeat Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists and other extremist groups, strengthening governance and respect for human rights, and fostering economic growth. The United States will focus Foreign Military Financing (FMF) programs on improving Egypt's ability to combat terrorism and protect its borders. Economic Support Fund (ESF) assistance will focus on programs that promote health, education, good governance, and economic growth. Specifically, economic growth projects will address food security in agriculture, macro-economic reform, improvements to the business climate, trade that creates jobs, inclusive growth, and transparency. Additionally, programming in the health sector will address the increase in overall fertility rates, among other strategic opportunities in health. Furthermore, rebuilding public confidence in the criminal justice system will reinforce Egypt's long-term stability and efforts to reduce drivers of violent extremism.

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Transaction data represents every individual financial record in an agency’s accounting system that has been processed in the given time period for program work with implementing partners and other administrative expenses. The data shown in the planned, obligated, and spent tabs represents the same financial data at a higher level of aggregation (by country and sector only), thus this data is called Aggregated data.

The transaction data shows the same financial data at a more granular level. Each data record - or financial transaction - contains qualitative data fields, including descriptive titles, vendor names, and location, along with the financial data. Thus, the transaction data is called Disaggregated data.

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