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The International Aid Transparency Initiative

In November 2011, the United States became a signatory to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). IATI is a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative that includes donors, partner countries, and civil society organizations whose aim is to make information about aid spending easier to access, use, and understand. The United States has been a member of the IATI Technical Assistance Group (TAG) since 2009, and in that capacity is fully engaged in shaping the IATI Standard. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the lead agency for developing the U.S. IATI Implementation Schedule, which builds on existing agreements on transparency and enhances the U.S. government's commitments to transparency, openness, and accountability. The U.S. published its IATI Implementation Schedule in December 2012.

Via the ForeignAssistance.gov website, the U.S. government implements a whole-of-government approach to reporting IATI data by submitting a unified report from all U.S. agencies that manage and/or implement a foreign assistance portfolio. Agencies submit data to ForeignAssistance.gov in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Bulletin 12-01, which outlines all data fields required to satisfy multiple U.S. reporting requirements, including IATI. The foreign assistance data reported to the website can be downloaded in multiple formats to include Excel, Comma Separated Value (CSV), and Extensible Markup Language (XML) files and viewed in visualizations, to include graphs and pie charts, across the website.

The website reports the provided data to the IATI Registry using an XML schema the U.S. government developed to deliver a unified U.S. report that meets the IATI Standard. U.S. government foreign assistance data is published in the IATI Standard 2.02 and can be downloaded on the Registry. This report will be updated every time new data is reported to ForeignAssistance.gov.

IATI Activities

The table below provides a listing of U.S. IATI activity files by country. Click on the country name to access the file.


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